James is a professionally trained Trinity and Steadicam operator working in TV Drama , Fashion and commercials. As one of only a few Arri Trinity operators in the UK he can provide the latest Steadicam equipment to your production, along with years of experience and a breadth of knowledge in the industry.

He began his career as a 35mm projectionist after studying film and radio production in Bristol. He then worked in live events for a few years and later relocated to London to begin working in a kit rental house and camera assisting on shows such as the Apprentice.

After playing with a friends Steadicam he very quickly fell in love with the art of Steadicam and the emotions it can create when operated in a certain way. After 4 Rigs, various courses and years of honing the skill James is now introducing the Arri Trinity to shows such as Doctor Who and Britannia as well as operating camera and Steadicam on feature films and fashion campaigns.